Tira/ Comic Strip 08

Ok, Não é exatamente uma tira, mas pela continuidade estou a chamando assim.

Okay, it’s not exactly a comic strip, but for continuity’s sake I’m calling it that.

Tira 08

“I held myself for a while in the vain questioning of what to put here. So many comics already made and things said about these last times.

But what? Would everything fit here?

Or should I isolate a small aspect?

Or, yet, what to say is still forming inside me, like any other important happening, which takes long to be comprehended?

Anyway, onto what matters, protests, police, votes…

One day I’ll discover what to say.”

Tira/Comic Strip – 03

Tira 03 Por Eduardo Henrique Martins

“Doing an urine exam is something crazy.

First, the woman asks you to throw away the first stream, use the middle one and discard the last one too.

I don’t know how women are, but men open the register and let the waters roll until the fount dries.

Afterwards you have to play alchemy

And lastly, you leave as if nothing happened.”